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Chinese Cuisine for the Omnivores

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It is hard to imagine a vegetarian Chinese restaurant, but the times may be changing! Vegetarian cuisine is becoming more and more popular, and here at Aling’s Chinese Cuisine, we have married vegetarian cuisine with Chinese cuisine. We don’t like to toot our own horn (toot-toot), but the results are impeccable. Here are some of the vegetarian options you can find here at Aling’s.


Chilli Tofu

If there’s one thing we love to do here at Aling’s, it’s tofu, tofu, and more tofu.This dish features cubes of tofu, fresh onion and bell peppers sauteed in our traditional Aling’s sauce.


The Buddha’s Delight

This dish is any and every veggies dream. It features an assortment of fresh veggies from snap peas to broccoli to bell peppers to onions. I think you get the point. Now, don’t forget the tofu and tender baby corn all tossed in a light garlic gravy. You’ll definitely want to order another to go!


The Manchurian Vegetarian (Gravy or Dry)

In this dish, our special combination of veggie fritters are tossed in a spicy Chinese sauce with scallions and cilantro. The yumminess that this dish brings to your stomach is worth ordering a few more!


The Szechwan Vegetables

Szechwan is an Aling’s favorite here. In this dish, a medley of fresh vegetables (carrots, broccoli, and onions – Oh My!)  are stir fried in a fresh garlic and ginger root medley. To top it off, our famed Szechwan sauce is added into the mix. It is a perfect blend of all the right flavors.


The Sauteed Garden Fresh Green Beans

These aren’t just green beans, these are fresh green beans done right! We immerse them in a mild aling’s stir-fry sauce paired with fresh-cut onion, garlic, and ginger root to seal the deal!


The Steamed or Pan-Fried Vegetable Dumpling

The dumpling is by far one of the most coveted Chinese dishes. These dumplings are filled with a mix of fresh-cut vegetables. We serve them with our delicious Aling’s dipping sauce.This dish is served either pan-fried or steamed. Either one will be sure to slash your hunger.


The Chili Paneer

If you love cottage cheese, this is the perfect dish for you. It features batons and batons of cottage cheese, fresh onions, and bell peppers perfectly sauteed in our traditional Aling’s sauce.


The Gobi Manchurian

Don’t let the name of this dish scare you away. In this delectable plate, fresh baby bok is stir fried in Aling’s sauce featuring garlic and ginger. Expand your taste buds with this dish, and they’ll be sure to thank you.


Aling’s has the perfect options for all the omnivore’s of America. If you’re looking for Chinese cuisine, it is time to make your next stop with us. We’ll be here waiting for you!

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