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The Aling’s Mild and Wild

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Aling’s has plenty to offer from safe choices to flaring and daring. Our flavors scream originality, yet remind you of good ole homestyle cooking. Here are a few of our favorite menu options, ranked from mild to wild.

The Mild

If you’re trying Aling’s for the first time and you want to play it safe, here are some dishes you should try.

-Vegetable Spring Rolls
These are hand-rolled and made fresh daily. Full of crispy and fresh cut veggies. The best part, however, has to be the special sauce!

-Sweet Corn Soup
This savory sweet soup is made by hand and filled with fresh veggies. You can add chicken for just one dollar more!

-Steamed or Pan Fried Chicken Dumplings
Our take on the Chinese delicacy. These dumplings are served either steamed or fried and filled with delicious chicken and cut veggies.

-Luncheon Special Chicken and Noodles
This is a classic dish with just the right flavor to satisfy your taste buds. It is served with traditional Chinese wheat noodles, chicken, and fresh veggies.

-Sweet and Sour Chicken
This Chinese classic is even better Aling’s style. A mix of chicken cooked with onions, pineapple, and green and red bell peppers.

-Chicken in Black Bean Sauce
Stir-fried chicken and vegetables cooked in a tasty garlic black bean sauce. Yum!

-Beef w/ Broccoli
Two of America’s favorites, sliced beef and fresh broccoli, cooked to perfection, Aling’s style.

-General Tso Chicken
Another classic dish done the Aling’s way. Lightly battered chicken glazed with our favorite General’s sweet and savory sauce.

-Pickled Shrimp
If you love seafood, you’ll love this dish. You can still play it safe with this lightly battered shrimp served with our special pickled sauce!

The Wild

If you’re feeling edgy today, Aling’s is the perfect place to eat. We’ve got dishes that put the ccccc in spicy.Follow us, and we’ll show you the wild side of delectable cuisine!


-Chicken Lollipops
These lightly drumettes are marinated and lightly fried to the perfect crisp. Served with our special Aling’s sweet and spicy sauce.

-Szechuan Fries
These aren’t just any old fries. These fries are battered and tossed in our sweet and spicy sauce. The finishing touch, fresh chives sprinkled on top.

-Shrimp Pakoras
One of our favorites! These crispy and savory shrimp fritters are served with our original Aling’s sauce.


-Schezwan Chicken
This vegetable and chicken stir-fry medley is jazzed up with a famous and fiery Szechuan sauce.

-Chili Chicken
This is our most popular chicken dish! Cubes of chicken served with fresh onions and chili. A blend of spicy and perfection.

-Manchurian Chicken
Boneless chicken cubes cooked in our spicy Manchurian Chinese sauce. Served with veggies, scallions, and cilantro. This dish may make your eyes water. However, it will definitely make your mouth water for more!

You can’t go wrong with dinner on the wild side, here at Aling’s.

-Ginger Chicken
Ginger and chicken may be from two different worlds, but those seem to be the tastiest of creations, right? Chicken tossed in our favorite sweet and spicy sauce, with just the right amount of ginger root, onions, water chestnut, celery, and carrots. This dish kicks your taste buds where it counts.

-Kung Pao Shrimp
Stir-fried shrimp paired with our sweet and spicy Aling’s sauce that puts the POW in Kung Pao. What could go wrong? Absolutely nothing.

-Triple Delight
Can’t decide between chicken, beef, and seafood? Have all three with this triple-meat platter. A platter of chicken, beef, and shrimp mixed with fresh veggies to provide your stomach with immense happiness! Your stomach will thank you.

Whether you’re in the market for simple or spontaneous, Aling’s has got you covered. All you’ve got to do is take the first step (through the door, that is)!

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